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DASP Summer Schools 2014

This year sees the start of the DASP Summer Schools in all of Dorchester. There were 3 summer schools running. One for St Osmunds and their feeders, One for Dorchester Middle and their Feeders and one of course for St Mary’s Puddletown and their feeders. The summer schools saw pupils from Yr’s 3, 4, 5 and Yr 6’s all come and enjoy in the sporting fun at their middle school.

Running for the first 2 weeks of the summer holidays, they were widely supported and the feedback from the pupils was outstanding. The pupils in Yr 3 and 4 loved being up at the middle school mixing with the older Yyr 5’s and 6’s. The Yr 5’s and 6’s enjoyed managing and leading the younger pupils to enjoy their sports more.

It was all down to the Olympic Legacy Leaders and the female coaches that came into the schools to run their camps. So a special thanks goes to Elliott Sawyer, Sam Brown, Jordan Fisk, Vicki Nelson, Izzy Harris and Sadie Harris.

It was an all-round success this year for DASP PE and I am sure will run again next year.

Mr Dailey


summerschool summer school summer school


2013 – 14 Reviews and what’s been done!

Levi Dailey
St Mary’s Puddletown and Feeders Review

What’s been delivered this year:


Cheselbournes sporting year has seen a variety of sports/PE. The meetings I have held with S Strudwick has always been formal and adjusted to what the class teachers wanted their pupils to undertake. I was observed regularly by the class teachers and head so the staff can then feedback to the other staff on the sessions. It was great to have block module sessions such as the Basketball, Dance, Fundamentals and Athletics. The continuing progress will carry on into next year.

Frome Valley
What’s been delivered this year:

Frome Valley has had a good sporting year. The reception class has progressed beaultifully with their gymnastics and their class teacher observed every one. Their sports co-ordinator has changed as well as the yr 4 class teacher who is off on maternity, which made things difficult but the pupils have really enjoyed a complete module of high quality gymnastics and cricket. The few dance lessons linking in with French week was particularly interesting and worked out very well. A tough yr 4 class Frome has but a good level of ability is seen in all of Frome.

Milborne St Andrews
What’s been delivered this year:

Milborne St Andrews has had a slow start to the year regarding PE/Sport. The fundemantals have been delivered to the KS1 pupils which has helped them a lot. Though a Sports Module would have been more advantages to KS2 pupils I feel. The PE levels in Milborne are quite high but more work is needed in KS1 I believe as well as modules given to KS2 pupils

Piddle Valley
What’s been delivered this year:   

Piddle Valley has had a big change this year in terms of sport. The yr 3’s and 4’s have grown from strength to strength. The modules of net/wall and the football has had a huge impact on the ks2’s. They understand the link between skill development and game assessments. The willingness of the schools staff and pupils to play fixtures and adapt their timetable to accompany new sporting challenges makes it very easy to run. I will enjoy next years challenges with them

Puddletown First
Whats been delivered this year:

Puddletown first has welcomed the idea of modules of sports into their school well. The pupils have benefitted from having continuous lessons on the same subject. The pupils understand the importance of lessons to progress in that sport. The staff are good at observing and taking notice of set ups and structure in my lessons. I hope modules will continue to run next year in Puddletown first

What’s been delivered this year: 

Broadmayne has been an absolute pleasure to work in this year. The staff are very welcoming and they understand what they need from me and inform me. I have been running modules and it is clear from the pupils remembering past lessons to aide them in bettering their performance in the final lessons. The school has been very adaptable and has welcomed all the support I can give them. I look forward to next years challenges

St Mary’s Puddletown
What’s been delivered this year:

There has been a lot of solid PE work going on at Puddletown this year and it is very pleasing to be a part of it. The basketball team entered into the area tournament and had a few friendly matches. The girl’s football teams played in all the 5 a side competitions. Sports Leaders is growing bigger and better every year. The first schools are desperate to have the leaders in more and are improving their sports day due to this. I have helped out J Bingham in the most recent months and will continue to assist him in the next year
Dorchester Learning Centre

There has been a lot of creative plans for the DLC pupils this year in terms of leadership opportunities. Unfortunately there was 4 planned festivals and we only managed to get to run 2 of them.

St Osmunds and their Feeders
End of year reports

St Marys Catholic

It has been a very busy year at St Marys Catholic, where I have been working with the Year 3 and 4 children. Having worked with both year groups twice a week, we have been able to fit in a lot of sport and activities and the children have responded excellently across all areas of PE. The winter term began with gymnastics, as the weather wasn’t very good it was nice to be inside to get to know the children and to witness some high quality gymnastics from all the children. We had sessions looking on balances, jumping, travelling as well as using the apparatus, allowing the children to use their imagination and come up with their own routines. Upon completion of our gymnastics, we moved out to the playing field and began to look at football. There are some excellent football players at St Marys Catholic in both y3 & 4! The children were able to work on their passing and control, their shooting, their tackling and their understanding of the game. Of course every session finished with everybody’s favourite thing – a match. It was excellent to see the girls getting stuck in with the boys and all the children improved. After half term we were looking at basketball, in anticipation of the Y3/4 basketball tournament held at St Osmunds. I was amazed with some of the basketball skills on show. We spent lessons looking at how to dribble the ball correctly (including some fun activities where the children were trying to dribble lying down), we looked at the different types of passing – with the children excelling at chest passes and shoulder passes, with many also attempting bounce passes in matches. Shooting, was of course everybody’s favourite – and the accuracy on show was fantastic! We finished basketball looking at gameplay – and the best ways to attack and score baskets, and how to defend and stop the opposition scoring. Alongside basketball, we also looked at tag rugby (when the weather allowed us to go outside!). Tag rugby is a very difficult game to understand but the children were all determined to do their best and improve. Lessons looked at how to hold the ball correctly, best way to pass the ball, how to tackle the opposition, passing the ball sideways/backwards as well as matches. The children’s favourite was running the gauntlet where they had to run past 3 lines of defenders without losing their tags – very similar to the old gladiators!

The spring term began looking at hockey. Sessions including moving with the ball (dribbling), passing to each other, shooting into goals, 2 v 1’s looking at creating space and smaller sided games. Unfortunately the weather was not good and we spent most of our time doing hockey inside, which was quite difficult with 25 children all running round in a small area with a stick in their hand! But the children were all excellent and as the weeks went on, a clear improvement in all children was evident. After hockey, the children learnt dodge ball – how to move the ball quickly to hit a target, how to throw the ball accurately underarm, how to dodge away from the ball. This led to lots of excited children and many manic games of dodge ball – a new favourite among many of the children I am sure! From learning about dodge ball we progressed to bench-ball, as it uses many of the same skills. The children easily managed to transfer their throwing and catching skills to bench-ball, again leading to some very close and competitive matches. The spring term ended with taster sessions in team-building games where the children had to work together to solve problems and circuit training where the children were learning about healthy bodies and different ways to improve their strength and fitness, of which I was really impressed with both their application and effort.

And so on to the summer term, and the sun! It began with everyone’s chosen game when the sun is out – rounders! Children learnt how to play the game through playing the game itself. Many variations were played which helped the batter decide where to hit the ball, the fielding team to decide where to throw the ball, and the all-important throwing and catching skills. This culminated on a wonderfully sunny Friday morning where we played “Year 3 v Year 4”. It was a very closely fought battle with both teams batting tremendously and the fielding skills improving with every passing go, but eventually, after 2 inning each, Year 4 triumphed by 2 rounders. It was fantastic for me to see how the year groups supported one another in a competitive environment, as well as seeing the skills that had been taught during the lessons come to the fore.

The second half of the term began the big build up to Sports Day, where the children were working on their athletics skills. Sessions were delivered in running (how to improve their sprinting style and speed), throwing (javelin/discus/shot – and the correct technique of each) and long jump. The sessions clearly paid off as there were some excellent performances on sports day from ALL the children! Alongside athletics, swimming was also delivered. The children were learning about different strokes used when swimming whilst also building up confidence in the water both above and below the water line.

St Marys Charminster

It’s been a very exciting year at St Marys Charminster, where I have been given the opportunity to work with every year group within the School for a period of time. It all began way back in the Autumn Term where I began working with KS2 and KS1. The KS2 children began looking at gymnastics – improving their balancing skills on as many different body parts as they could! From there the children looked at different ways of jumping (and landing correctly) and making different shapes in the air. The children also looked at different ways of travelling around the room, and putting all the work that they had done on the floor, onto apparatus. Gymnastics finished with each child coming up with their own sequence of balances, movement and jumps and performing it to the rest of the class. There was some outstanding gymnastic moves on show and I was very impressed with the effort and imagination that was on show! Well done!

With KS1 we started looking at multi-skills. The children worked on their running, movement, co-ordination and ball skills. These activities are crucial at a young age as every other sport relies on the fundamental movements being learnt correctly. The children were excellent throughout! We had many competitive games and races throughout our multi skills and the children learnt skills such as team work and sportsmanship alongside the main activities.

After half-term we changed activities – KS2 began looking at basketball. The children learnt different types of passes – chest, bounce and shoulder – and when to use the correct passes within a game situation. The children learnt excellent dribbling and shooting skills throughout the half term, and this showed up when the children performed excellently at the DASP mini basketball tournament. KS1 began looking at tag rugby – within these sessions the children learnt how to carry a rugby ball when running, how to pass the ball, the directions in which we are allowed to pass a ball, how to score a try, and how to tackle an opposition. ALL children improved dramatically over the half term and I was delighted with the effort that each child put in! There are definitely some rugby players of the future in this key stage!

After Christmas I continued working with KS1 and started working with the Foundation stage. Both age groups began looking at gymnastics! One of the most important aspects of gymnastics we began with was balance. If the children are able to control their balance then it will help with their movement in all sports and activities. I was extremely impressed with how long some of the children could hold their balance for and the imagination that the children have in coming up with balances on different body parts. After looking at holding our balance we began looking at different jumps and creating shapes in the air. All children were taught the importance of a safe landing, and again there were some excellent jumps. Children were then asked to come up with, practice and perform their own routine using a sequence of jump and balances. Not only were the performances excellent, but so was the audience!

After February half term I continued with the Foundation Stage doing multi-skills games. These focussed on the fundamentals of agility, balance and co-ordination. The children responded excellently to the games, and even the competitive side, with winning and losing becoming a feature, as well as team-work and sportsmanship. With KS2 we began to look at hockey. Hockey is a very difficult game to pick up but the children learnt about how to dribble, how to pass, how to shoot, attacking and defending principles and gameplay. Due to the weather a lot of it had to be done inside but the children did very well playing in a small space! During this time I also ran a y4 netball extra-curricular club for children to learn and progress their skills in the sport of netball. This club had good attendance, and the children’s ability improved week upon week!

Onto the summer term – and each key stage has been able to showcase their skills in athletics. Within athletics all groups have been looking at running, throwing and jumping in various forms, as well as using the ladders to improve their footwork and balance when running. The children again have excelled in not only the speed of their running, but their willingness to learn, and the effort that they put in within the lessons. A favourite of most of the children was the javelin lesson where the children learnt the correct technique of throwing a javelin (made of foam) and then finished with a game of javelin golf. During the summer term, I also ran playground leader training for Y3 children. This club was to give the children leadership skills and confidence in running games to children of other year groups. I look forward to seeing how they all get on in September…I’m sure you will all do excellently! It has been a fantastic year of PE at St Marys Charminster, and I look forward to working with them all again next year!

Manor Park

At Manor Park this year, I have been involved and taken every child for PE. It started off in the Autumn Term where I had the Y3 & 4’s. We began looking at tag rugby. Skills learnt included how to hold the rugby ball correctly, how to pass the ball correctly (sideways or backwards of course!), how to beat a defender, how to tackle someone and how to work as a team to pass the ball to score a try for their team. The children were all excellently behaved and all showed a willingness to learn which resulted in some excellent lessons, and the Y3/4 team performing admirably at the DASP tag rugby festival. The Y3/4’s were also given a taster session in basketball in order for them to participate in the DASP basketball competition. They performed fantastically well considering they only had one session of basketball and were competing against schools who had been doing basketball for a long time!
After Christmas I began working with the younger children in the School. The Y1 children began looking at dance – moving in time with music, moving in time with each other, counting beats in music, using their imagination to come up with their own movements. The children were dancing to Katy Perry – Firework, and I was extremely impressed with how the movements they came up with were in time, and resembled a firework display! Well done all of Year 1! With the Year 2 children, the children began looking at gymnastics. We used a lot of equipment including the wall bars, tables and mats and the children were able to practice their jumping, their balancing, their movement, as well as looking at individual and group work. All this work culminated in the children coming up with their own sequences. After half-term, year 1 began looking at gymnastics – working on their balancing, jumping and travelling skills, as well as using their imagination to make their sequences look as good as possible.  The reception children then began the Y1 module on dance and were very good at linking their movements to the music.

During the summer term I was working with the Y3 and 4 looking at athletics in preparation for Manor Park sports week. The children were excellent in responding to all aspects of athletics that were taught. Lessons included looking at running – sprinting and longer distance, how to improve our sprint times by looking at the style of running, throwing – looking at throwing both balls and foam javelins, and jumping looking at long jump – and the technique to help us jump as far as we can. This all lead to excellent performances throughout sports week from all the children! WELL DONE! With Y2, kwik cricket was taught, where the children were taught how to play the game of kwik cricket, as well as many different versions. Children were taught how to throw the ball accurately towards to the stumps, how to hold the bat, fielding skills and hitting the ball off both a tee and from a bowled delivery. I was extremely impressed with all of the Y2 children who I believe to have some excellent ability, and many of them are working at a level above their age!

I also helped Mr Cross run a “Super Sports Club” for the children in Year 1 who aren’t very confident with PE. These sessions were aimed at improving both their confidence, and their ability within certain motor skills e.g. running, throwing, balancing etc. The children were excellent throughout and turned up with a willingness to learn and improve. All of them should be very proud of themselves and should all feel a lot more confident now as a result. It has been a fantastic year at Manor Park this year, and I look forward to doing it all again starting in September.


Throughout the year I have been working with the Year 2 children. The year started working on multi-skills, where the children were working on improving their motor skills. The children were tasked with improving their balance, co-ordination and agility through a range of games and activities. The games were designed to improve the children’s ability with both their hands and feet as well as appreciating the space around them. The children all worked excellently and the level that they are working at is way above the level that they should be at that age. After working on multi-skills, the children began to look at basketball. Here, we were looking at how to control the ball and move with the ball. We began to look at passing the ball and the children’s catching skills were excellent. We also had some fun with the basketball’s such as trying to bounce the ball whilst lying down! After having many sessions on basketball, we moved onto football. The children excelled with their close ball control and improved their passing accuracy skills, the power that they kick the ball with, and of course everybody’s favourite – shooting and scoring goals. They also enjoyed little competitions such as “knock-out”. Dodge ball followed on from football. The children really enjoyed throwing balls at each other! However, their dodging skills were excellent and were able to avoid being hit by the balls that were being thrown at them. I started to work on their accuracy by doing activities such as bowling, and aiming for targets – and this work clearly paid off as their throwing skills improved throughout the sessions. The main highlight for me this year was seeing the level of ability in the group, and improving them as an all-round sportsman, whilst still seeing the smiles on the children’s faces as they were participating in sport and PE.

Sam Brown
Dorchester Middle school and Feeders Review
2013-14 (Summer Term only)

 Dorchester Middle school
What’s been delivered this year:

At Dorchester middle school, I have been used in various roles, from covering sessions to taking classes for whole modules. Running two after school clubs and assisting on another. I also lead a number of year 8 sport leader groups to various festivals and events for feeder schools. In the new school year would like to help with some school teams in coaching role. Such as Football and Basketball


What’s been delivered this year:

A lot of sport has taken place in the short time I have spent at the school. Meetings with K Thorpe have always been positive with the aim of being as proactive and flexible with the hours I have at the school, looking to get the most out of each session for the Damers pupils. Teachers were predominantly in attendance, with some asking for session plans, which lead to wanting to put together a resources pack.

What’s been delivered this year:

Sport sessions I have taken at Winterbourne have helped pupils In other areas of their school life. Whether that be improving of school sports teams (football), to gaining confidence in class and be more of a team player. Yr 1 an 2s benefited especially as most of my time was with them, so I wanted to give them a insight into what sport entails team work, cooperation, concentration whilst having fun.

Cerne Abbass
What’s been delivered this year:

Sport sessions at Cerne Abbass have been team taught with Ms Price and Ms Knotley (sport co coordinators for the school). With teaching in a team carried out, the pupils had a good ratio of coach to pupil. With the children at a young age , helps pupils individually develop the correct techniques and actions for certain sports, faster.Next year I would like have more hours in the school to teach other classes and progress and develop the sport taught in the school.


Prince of Wales
What’s been delivered this year:

Sport at Prince of Wales has been successful, within the short time I have been with the school.  With the mixture in abilities in the year groups, this made me draw on my experience of working with mixed ability pupils, to enable the sessions to be as inclusive as possible. The aim of the majority of sessions were looking at fundamentals of sport (balance, coordination, speed etc.), in the new school year I would like to build on this and introduce new sports to the school.


St Osmunds

At St Osmunds this year, there has been some sport, sport and more sport! In fact, the sport doesn’t seem to stop. I have been involved in taking lessons for all age groups, in all different sports – rugby, football, hockey, basketball, gymnastics, tennis, cricket (the list goes on and on). I have also ran many different extra-curricular clubs, to help improve and maintain levels of performance across a range of sports. I’ve been involved heavily with the Y8 sports leaders (and y7’s on occasions) and taken them into local First Schools for them to show off their ability. They have always represented the School fantastically and the feedback from the First School’s is always positive, so big well done to all of you! At St Osmunds, we have attended and hosted DASP Pyramid Fixtures where over 50 children from the school are all taking part in physical activity after school, against St Marys Puddletown, and Dorchester Middle School, it is a fantastic occasion! I’ve also helped out on many trips, including Buddens Camping during Project Week, which was a wonderful trip, though very tiring due to participating in many many games of the Y8’s favourite game – man hunt! I’ve really enjoyed my first year working in St Osmunds, I’ve enjoyed getting to know pupils and staff alike and hope to continue the good work next year! Finally, I would just like to wish the Y8 all the best in their new school’s next year – there are some excellent sportsmen and women in this year group and I hope they continue to fulfil their potential wherever they are going next!

Elliott Sawyer (6 First Schools)
Schools Review

What’s been delivered this year:

This year at Cheselbourne I have been leading the after school club. I have had meetings with  S Strudwick about what the clubs the school would like to run and how we can improve the clubs for next year.

Prince of Wales School
What’s been delivered this year:

At Prince of Wales this year I have been offering after school clubs on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s. The clubs have not been greatly taken up and numbers have been short. This could have been because of the fact that the club is part of a general after school club. Hopefully with a few changes next year numbers will increase. I have also been into the school and run a few odd lessons with some classes when other schools are busy and I am not required.

Piddle Valley
What’s been delivered this year:

Piddle Valley have completed a wide variety of Sports and PE this year. Although I have not seen M Wash much this year we have been in regular contact looking at how to get the best out of my time in the School. I have regularly had teachers observing my lesson and picking up ideas for their own PE lessons. During the final part of the summer term i have been running handball lessons with the Key Stage 2 children with the help of A Bere who is hoping to take on the ideas she has learnt and start a handball club.

St Mary’s Catholic
What has been delivered this year:

St Mary’s have embraced the extra P.E time into their timetable fully throughout the year. Both teachers and teaching assistants have been very supportive in lesson time, helping out, observing and really getting involved. The school have given me the freedom to teach whichever sports I see to be appropriate for each class. This has enabled the children to access PE from all corners of the National Curriculum.

Milborne St Andrews
What’s been delivered this year:

Milborne St Andrews has had a slow start to the year regarding PE/Sport. The fundemantals have been delivered to the KS1 pupils which has helped them a lot. Though a Sports Module would have been more advantages to KS2 pupils I feel. The PE levels in Milborne are quite high but more work is needed in KS1 I believe Milborne St Andrew have chosen to focus more on the fundamentals in Physical Education rather than particular sports. Most classes have been following the Leap into Life programme throughout the year. As well as leading lessons I have been supporting class teachers while they lead lessons themselves given them help with specific language and deeper insight/ technical support. I would love to take on more responsibility at the school, leading more lessons and possibly delivering specific sports modules, particularly to Key Stage 2 children.

The Sports Leaders module run by L Dailey was taken up fantastically by the Year 4’s with them running their own activities in the playground through the second half of the year. It would be great to see this taken up just as enthusiastically by next year’s Year 4.

Puddletown First
Whats been delivered this year:

Puddletown have had a very successful sporting year. The transfer to the new school has enabled a much wider verity of PE to be delivered to the children than would never have been possible at the old school. The school is very supportive of the lessons that I take with teachers regularly coming out to observe and get involved in the lessons. As well as asking for my lesson plans to help them in the future. The Key Stage 1 Cricket module turned out to be very successful with the children going on to win their cricket festival at the end of the module.



Spring Term 2014

Throughout this year the Year 8's have been competing in Orienteering at each middle school. We held the orienteering at DMS, St Osmunds and at St Mary's Puddletown. Though perhaps this was a tad biased to the hosting school, as they knew the grounds better than the other 2 schools. This made it all the better to run the Year 8 orienteering final up at Thomas Hardyes! Everyone would be on the same playing field and tactics would come very much into play. Which routes to take and which courses should each pair do! The failure to miss on a marker would result in a 5 minute penalty and everything counted in the final!

The middle schools ran superbly and after the complete times were added up from the whole school teams, it went down to only 4 mins separating the top 2 schools!

Congratulations this year went to the outstanding St Osmunds Year 8 Orienteering team!

Ossies Hockey Team


Yr 3/4 Plate football Cup

Football trophy winners

A superb start to the 2014 year was made when 6 schools entered into a plate football tournament held at The Prince Of Wales School. We had all 6 schools that were invited attended and boy did they compete well! Some fantastic team plays by St Mary's catholic and great skills shown off by Prince of Wales's players.

The afternoon had parents cheering and players bounding around with excitement from scoring or almost scoring. The atmosphere was alive! After all the games were played we thanked the yr 7/8 sports leaders from DMS (Archie O'Connell, Archie Beasley, Connor Critchell, Raffe Price and Robbie Bag)

Mr Sawyer who ran the event effortlessly read out the results.....

It was very tight with 1 point separating 2nd to 4th!

Piddle Valley were the victors and St Mary's Catholic were the runner ups with Milborne St Andrews coming third.

4th      Prince of Wales
5th      Puddletown
6th      Cheselbourne

Mr Sawyer did an excellent job in ensuring all the pupils were enjoying his tournament and the pupils even asked if they can do this every week!

An abounding success, thank you Mr Sawyer

Mr Dailey


DLC shoots and scores.... with DMS

Football TournyThe Dorchester Learning Centre were in top flight form yesterday when they entertained the Year 5 boys from Dorchester Middle School in a football festival. The DLC pupils ran a skill based indoor event during the first half of the morning down at Redlands and in the second half of the morning the DLC pupils took the Year 5’s out to the new 3g pitch and set up a mini tournament. Levi Dailey DASP Sports Coordinator said “It’s always impressive watching pupils lead Sports activities to other pupils”, “The terminology and enthusiasm the DLC boys spoke with to the younger DMS pupils was a pleasure to watch”.

A footballing fun morning for all the Year 5 boys from DMS that would do it again in a heartbeat! If more schools would allow the DLC students in to help run Sports festivals and mini tournament then the whole community in DASP will profit from it.

A special thanks must go to Dill Butcher, Grant Naylor and Andy Campbell-Bell who simply without them , well there would have been no footballing morning!

Mr Dailey

Yr 7 and 8 Sports leaders @ Bryanston Leadership Academy

This week we have had our top 4 yr 7 and yr 8 sports leaders invited to Bryanston Academy to show off their sports leading skills.

It was an impressive yet tiring day for the pupils, as they worked through intense workshops and lead groups of pupils from all around the County

What a talent the following pupils are to our Dorchester Schools. I can’t wait to see what these pupils will be doing in sport over the next few years!

From St Osmunds  

Eve Montgomery
Adelaide Elsom
Georgia Emtage
Ceren Stark

From DMS

Bianca Walker
Lloyd Wilson
Connor Pullin
Emily Chambers
From St Mary’s Puddletown

Lily Barton
Megan Jarvis-Woodbridge
Archie Ellis-Stanley
Charlie Grey

PE Photo PE Photo

Autumn Term 2013

End of Term Reports

First School Reports – Levi Dailey


This term Broadmayne has been focusing on 2 sports for their yr 3 and 4’s. Netball and Basketball were the chosen sports. The yr 3’s and 4’s were learning high ability skills in netball and were competing in regular mini games in their yr groups. After a block of Netball lessons Broadmayne swapped to basketball – coincidentally a few weeks before the Area Basketball Tournament was to be taken place. The yr 3’s and 4’s transferred all their netball skills across to Basketball and were in great shape week on week before the Area Tournament.
Broadmayne also ran a sports week whish was printed in the local paper. The pupils had a massive gathering with all the pupils in the school doing some form of PE everyday that week. Some pupils also said it was the best week in Broadmayne ever! http://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/sport/10783453.YOUTH_SPORT__Fitness_first_for_Broadmayne_students/
 Broadmayne have also been training hard afterschool in Netball and was able to train the yr 3’s and 4’s and held a fixture against a Piddle Valley team that has been training for years! The end score was 7 – 7 a great fixture and parents and school staff were all thrilled with excitement and cannot wait for the re-match

Frome Valley

This term Frome Valley has been having a mixture of sports/activities. For yr R they have been looking at fundamental movements and multi skills. The yr R pupils have been looking at their A, B, C’s (Agility, Balance and Co-ordination) For yr 2 there has been Net/Wall sessions focusing on hand eye co-ordination. Using such sports and skills as throwing, catching and target throwing. For yr 3’s they have been looking at Gymnastics. Looking at Balance and using such equipment as a springboard, wall frames, benches, table, mats and Balance beams. It was great to see pupils challenge themselves and come up with their own sequences. It is great to witness Frome Valley not only performing these sports/activities but focus on developing them.

Milborne St Andrews

This term Milborne has been working closely with Elliott Sawyer in improving the PE and Sport at Milborne St Andrews. There yr 2’s have been having Multi Skills and with the yr 4’s they have been looking at developing their basketball skills. Milborne are having a huge impact with their PE and next term they are going to rocket off with all their skills.

Piddle Valley

 This first term Piddle Valley has been focusing on Net/Wall games for their yr 3’s and 4’s. There has been a block of 8 progressive sessions with all the yr 3 and 4’s developing their hand eye co-ordination and agility skills. Some new sports were added to see if the pupils enjoyed them. Volleyball, tennis, rounders and dodgeball skills were all added to see if the pupils were more engaged in one than the other. This was correct and of course it was dodgeball! The yr 1’s and 2’s have been having gymnastic sessions delivered to them using various equipment from the ropes to the wall frames.  
Piddle Valley have also been training hard afterschool in Netball and was able to train the yr 3’s and 4’s and held a fixture against a Broadmayne team that has been training for weeks! The end score was 7 – 7 a great fixture and parents and school staff were all thrilled with excitement and cannot wait for the re-match.

Puddletown First

This term in Puddletown first the school has moved to their new buildings and instantly in the first week all the school competed in multi skills. The whole of Puddletown first school pupils now have an individual result for 6 different types of fundamental movements. Basically the first school in their brand new school has a fitness test result for every single pupil. You can’t start better in a new school than with a result for PE for everyone!
Pudd 1st also hosted for the first time the area Plate Multi Skills competition which was ran by Mr Sawyer.  4 schools attended and competed in multi skills and all enjoyed the afternoon immensely

This term Cheselbourne have strategically developed their PE ready for performances and tournaments. For the yr 3’s and 4’s they have been looking at developing their basketball skills ready for the Area tournament at the middle school. The yr 1’s and 2’s have enhanced there dance skills ready for their snowman production at Christmas. A clever planning strategy and the pupils actually had an end assessment to show off all of their skills. The performance and the Area Competition.   

First School Reports – Jordan Fisk

St Marys Catholic

All Year 3 and 4’s have had an opportunity to participate in a number of sports this term including football, tag rugby, gymnastics and basketball. The children have responded excellently in all areas, and even if they didn’t enjoy one sport as much as the others they still gave 100% effort in every session. In football the children learnt how to pass and control the ball before moving onto working on attacking play and game situations. In tag rugby, the children were learning to pass the ball sideways and backwards and to avoid throwing the ball forwards, as well as learning to dodge and manoeuvre their bodies to avoid being tackled. The year started with gymnastics, all children were excellent in coming up with their own individual routines involving travelling, balancing and jumping using a variety of apparatus. Within basketball the children learnt how to pass the ball accurately and when to use different types of pass, as well as continuously practicing their dribbling skills, the children also really enjoyed learning how to shoot and they were able to transfer this into game where their shooting was exceptional. A host of Y3 and 4 children were able to show their skills to the whole of DASP as they competed admirably in the tag-rugby and basketball festivals. 

St Marys Charminster

This term the KS2 children have been able to showcase and improve their skills in gymnastics and basketball. In gymnastics, the children were tasked with the challenge to create their own unique sequence involving 3 balances, 2 ways of travelling and 3 jumps. Week on week the children began piecing their routines together and, with the use of some apparatus, produced some excellent individual displays. After half term, high quality basketball has taken place. All children have responded excellently to the sport and can now dribble the ball under control, shoot accurately and pass (using the correct pass). The children are very competitive which is excellent to see and this leads to even greater quality from the children. This was shown as they performed excellently at the DASP basketball festival

In KS1 they had initially been working on multi skills. Lessons covered everything from agility, balancing to throwing and catching. All children did very well in all the sessions and it is clear to see that there is a lot of good all-rounders within the groups. Lessons were set competitively and this led to high-quality PE as all children were determined to do the best that they could and to beat fellow students. After half-term, we started with tag rugby. Tag rugby is a very difficult sport to understand, many in the lower years of middle schools still struggle with it, so credit must be given to these children who took to it like a duck to water. Children worked on: how to hold the rugby ball when running, how to tackle the opposition, how to pass the ball and how to dodge an opposition tackle. All children performed very well and understood the basis of the game. There will be some very good rugby players coming through from these groups!

Manor Park

Manor Park this term have primarily been working on their tag rugby in KS2. The Y3 and 4 children have worked very well throughout the term and improved in all aspects of their game. All children are now able to throw and catch the ball successfully whilst getting to grasp of the rules of the game. The children have been able to try and run round defenders as well as being able to pull off the tags of the attacking players. Manor Park performed very well at the tag rugby festival and showed all the skills that they had learnt. Each child also received a taster session in basketball in preparation for the DASP basketball festival in which they performed very well considering they had only received one lesson.


The Y2 children at Sunninghill have received expert teaching in multi-skills where the children have been working on their agility, balance and co-ordination in a competitive environment. It is clear to see that this class possesses children who are way above their age in terms of basic motor skills. The class were also given a basketball lesson, which was pitched at a level higher than they should be capable of, and each member of the class performed exceptionally well.

Meanwhile in St Osmund’s

Every pupil has taken part high level PE within their PE and games lessons. Most of the children as well participate in extra-curricular activities where they are receiving expert teaching and coaching, with activities ranging from boccia to 5-a-side football as well as activities such as rowing taking place. St Osmund’s has been represented in each of the DASP pyramid fixtures sending over 60 pupils on each occasion, all of whom have represented the School excellently. Fixtures have also been played in football, rugby, hi-5, 5-a-side football and basketball against local schools and each child has played the game in the correct spirit and given 100% regardless of the score line.


Autumn Review 2013 - Mark Duffy

Below is a list of what each of my schools have been working in with PE


- Reception Moving and Learning
- Y1 1 Multi Skills / Boccia
-Y2 Multi Skills/ Boccia /Gymnastics- Dance
-Y3 Boccia /Gymnastics / Multi Skills
-Y4 Gymnastics / started a little multi skills due to hall being used


- Reception Moving and Learning
-Y1 Multi Skills and Gymnastics
-Y2 Multi Skills
-Y3 Gymnastics  /Tag Rugby in lessons and lunch time club
-Y4 Gymnastics / Multi Skills / Tag rugby and Basketball club
Been observed by Trevor Senior and Mike Stone on various occasions to provide them with some new ideas when delivering a variety of sports. -  Take students from all years for extra sport on a Friday for improved behavior or constant good behavior


-Y 3/4 Football club / Tag Rugby
-Y 1/2 Muli skills
-YR/1 Multi skills
+ Golden time for students that would like more PE

Cerne Abbas

Year 3/4 Multi Skills /Tag Rugby/ Basketball and some Gymnastics/Dance
Year 1/2 Multi Skills / Dance


YR 8 football Club
Inspiration club for all years
Lesson Cover (all years)
Running Club (all years
Year 6 Tag Rugby
Year 6 Swimming


First Schools Competitions

This year all the competitions were made to tailor higher ability pupils, the reason for this is due to the fact that all first schools we already training hard with their schools teams so they can walk away with the victories
We have had 6 competitions run so far in the first term

Yr 1 and 2 Inter Multi Skills competition – Dorch Schools

Yr 1 and 2 Inter Multi Skills competition – Puddletown Schools

Yr 3/4 Inter Tag – Rugby competition – Dorch Schools

Yr 3/4 Basketball competition – Dorch Schools

Yr 3/4 Basketball competition – Puddletown Schools

Yr 1 and 2 Plate multi skills competition – Dorch/Pudd Schools

Winners were

Yr 1 & 2 Multi Skills Dorch Schools       -     Damers
Yr 1 & 2 Multi Skills Pudd Schools        -     Piddle Valley
Yr 3/4 Tag – Rugby Dorch Schools        -     St Mary’s Charminster
Yr 3/4 Basketball Dorch Schools           -      Winterbourne Valley
Yr 3/4 Basketball Pudd Schools             -     Piddle ValleyYr 1 & 2
Plate multi skills Dorch/Pudd                 -      Piddle Valley


2012 logoOur sporty team has been working tirelessly in all the DASP schools this year. In our first schools Mr Duffy has concentrated his teachings on Boccia in the Prince of Wales, Gymnastics in Damers and Multi skills in Cerne Abbas and Winterbourne. With Mr Fisk he has been running Gymnastics at St Mary’s Charminster, Football at St Mary’s Catholic, Tag-Rugby at Manor Park and has also been teaching Multi Skills in Sunninghill Prep. And with Mr Dailey he has been teaching Basketball to Damers and Milborne St Andrews, Netball at Broadmayne and Multi skills to Frome Valley. All of the first schools are having Playground Leaders training this year in Yr’s 3/4. This is to get sports leadership started earlier in the first schools, so that when they come up to the middle schools they will already have some experience in leadership in sport!

In St Osmunds and Dorchester Middle School the Yr 5 and 6’s are already competing in the multi skills competition for the whole year group. The results will show which tutor group is the best in Yr 5 and Yr 6 at both middle schools. We are also having an individual final for the top boy and girl in Yr 5 and 6. I like to see whose excelling in the younger years at the first school in multi skills! The results for the top tutor group, top boy, top girl and top tutor will be announced at Christmas time in both schools!

All of the middle schools have had a number of Yr 8’s already going into a first school to run a mini multi skills competition. We have had St Mary’s Puddletown go into Frome Valley, Broadmayne and Milborne St Andrews and there has been a few Yr 8’s such as Georgia Bowerman, Jack Chatfield, Beth Leonard and Paris Higson. At Dorchester Middle School they went into Damers twice to work with all 3 Yr 1 classes and then all 3 Yr 2 classes. The top Yr 8 sports leaders so far at DMS were Emerald Rymer, Grace Vanzyl, Louis Verkaik, Archie Beasley and Jada Fox. At St Osmunds middle school they went into Manor Park and St Mary’s Catholic and the top Yr 8 sports leaders so far there are Sarah Horlser, Greg Charles, Aaron Kellers and Pasqualie Landofli.
DMS and St Osmunds have already hosted their DASP Pyramid Sports Competitions in which we had over 180 pupils attend and compete at DMS from the 3 middles and then again over 180 pupils competed when we hosted it at Ossies. It’s quite a spectacle to witness over 180 pupils from 3 different schools support and compete in PE in one evening with a minimum of 6 different sports competitions going on! WE ARE THAT INVOLVED IN PE IN DASP!!!

The start to this year’s PE activity is astonishing with the DASP PE team leading sustainable sessions with the first schools, not only the pupils. but for the staff too. This goes along with the competitions in the middle schools that are constantly being run! It’s even nice to get the Yr 8’s to go into the first schools and do our PE teaching for us with sports leaders doing a superb job!

DASP PE Team – ever growing!

As the government has seen the light burning from the Olympic torch still, they have agreed to put a chunk of money into schools. This is great news for all schools but what will all the schools spend their money on? One key quality that DASP schools have is they all work extremely well together. All 19 of the DASP schools have thought long and hard and have all decided to put in half of the money the government provided on man power! We now have 3 Olympic Legacy Leaders that are employed all over DASP to raise the levels of participation/inclusion and fun in all of their schools!

These 3 Olympic Legacy Leaders work very closely with the DASP Sports Co-ordinator and together the Olympic Sports Boom lives on in all the Dorchester schools!

In St Mary’s Puddletown and their feeder schools we have Mr Levi Dailey (DASP Sports Co-ordinator)

levi daileyLevi is the DASP Sports Co-ordinator and has been for the past 3 years. He has been working hard with all 19 schools in DASP encouraging pupils In every school to achieve their best! He is excited about focusing more with his select schools and gets more time to be in them. Mr Dailey is known to the pupils in the schools who always enjoy it when he visits and his PE sessions stand out as enjoyable no matter what the weather or the activity. He has extensive experience with all the DASP schools and will be sharing his experiences to all three of his Olympic Legacy Leaders to try to improve PE all around Dorchester.

PE in St Mary’s Puddletown Middle School, Frome Valley, Broadmayne, Milborne St Andrews, Puddletown First, Cheselbourne, Piddle Valley, are in for a direct improvement and will help keep alive the sports feeling we all had in 2012 forever!

elliot sawyerNext we have Mr Elliott Sawyer. Elliott has thrived in sport since leaving Chichester University He has been working at Thomas Hardyes recently and loves the Dorchester school setup and now is developing PE in the first schools. He is excited about working in the first schools and his enthusiasm usually spills over into the pupils! Mr Sawyer pushes the pupils to achieve their best and gets all that he can out of them in Physical Education. PE in Piddle Valley, St Mary’s Catholic, Prince of Wales, Milborne St Andrews, Puddletown First and Cheselbourne are in for a real treat with Mr Sawyer!


jordan fiskIn St Osmunds Middle school and their feeder schools we have Mr Jordan Fisk. Jordan has excelled in sport since leaving Chichester University. He obtained a PGCE certificate in Secondary PE and is also a semi Professional Footballer. He is excited about working in the school and can become very competitive, as well as enjoying participating Pupils in ..... well whatever he can! Pupils in the school all enjoy it when he visits regularly and pushes the pupils to achieve their best and gets all that he can out of them in Physical Education. PE in Manor Park, St Mary’s Charminster, St Mary’s Catholic and St Osmunds is in for a direct  sports enthusiasm and motivation with Mr Fisk at the Helm!


mark duffyIn Dorchester Middle school and their feeder schools we have Mr Mark Duffy. Mark has been in sport since leaving Plymouth University. He has been working at Thomas Hardye recently in the PE dept   and now is developing PE in the Middle and First schools. He is excited about working in more than one school and sharing his expertise in all the schools he goes into! Schools always enjoy it when he visits and he pushes the pupils to achieve their best no matter what ability or disability. He has extensive experience with working with disabilities and lives for Physical Education.

PE in Dorchester Middle School, Prince of Wales, Winterbourne Valley, Damers and Cerne Abbas are in for a direct improvement and development with Mr Duffy!


DASP Elite Rugby Team 2013-14

All the top rugby players in Year 7 and 8 from all around Dorchester descended on Sunninghill Prep ready to compete for a place in the all new DASP elite Rugby Team! Dorchester Middle, St Osmunds, St Mary’s Puddletown and Sunninghill Prep Schools all brought their best players to impress Head Coach Mike Sprules and Chairman Levi Dailey with their defined rugby skills.

The idea behind the DASP Elite Rugby Team is to build a super strong rugby team, that can represent all of Dorchester in competitions against fierce, well established rivals such as Claysmore, Bryanston and other independent schools.

The first training session for the Elite players went well and skill levels were high, with some quick hands and even quicker tackles being made left right and centre! All impressed well and continue to impress week after week. We are building a strong Rugby Elite Team this year and can’t wait for the next training session, let alone our first match!

Watch this space!

Levi Dailey
DASP Sports Co-ordinator
Elite Rugby Team Photo Summer Term 2013 Links to Middle and Upper School Sports For St Osmunds
For St Mary’s Puddletown
For Thomas Hardyes
Spring Term 2013

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A very cold spring we have had here in Dorchester however that doesn’t stop the first schools from developing and progressing in there sports. Over the spring term there have been many extra sports delivered as well as the general curriculum sports already being delivered.

Sports this term around Dorchester have been:

Frome Valley this term has set up and started Play Ground Leaders in yr 3 that provide a fun game/activity 3 times a week at lunchtime for the rest of their school. It is hard for some of the yr 3’s as they have a lot of yr 4’s wanting to compete against the younger pupils in these activities but they yr 3’s are in complete control and handle the yr 4’s well. This has been a great start this year for frome and this is a cracking start for sports leadership if these playground leaders choose to do so at middle school.
Since last terms Tag - Rugby yr 3 and 4 festival a lot of the first schools have wanted more Tag – Rugby in their schools. It’s incredibly pleasing to see schools take up more sports like tag – rugby before or after a festival. It clearly shows that these small tournaments and festivals bring to light certain sports that schools want more of.

This term we have had 2 tournaments and festivals. We have held the Milborne DASP yr 3/4 Area Football tournament and the yr 4 Orienteering festivals around Dorchester.

The Area Football festival was held at Milborne St Andrews First schools and we had 12 Teams entered and had 15 yr 8 sports leaders from Dorchester Middle School to help record, score and referee the entire tournament.  It was a furry of fantastic football watching from the sidelines. It was impressive to see so many parents/staff members come to Milborne to watch their sons/daughters partake in the area tournament. Milborne did take advantage of being the host by bringing out there yr 1’s to shout support to their yr 3/4 team whilst they were playing a match. A great atmosphere was delivered from this.
Damers played St Mary’s Catholic in the semis as did Milborne vs Piddle. The final was then between Damers vs Milborne and Damers become the victors this year. A big thank you should go to Milborne for hosting the tournament and an even bigger thank you must go to the yr 8 sports leaders from Dorchester Middle. You can see the cut out from the local echo from the hyperlink below
The orienteering yr 4 festivals have been going round all of Dorchester for the yr 4’s in the first schools. The idea is for the yr 4’s to get to know the outside of the middle school they will be attending in September to help smooth transition and to beat away nervousness in September. Each first school will attend with all their yr 4’s coming to the local middle schools. This is not just bringing up 10 – 15 pupils in yr 4! It is all the pupils in yr 4! So for such a school as Cheselbourne there will only be 14 in yr 4 but as in a school like Damers you have 90 pupils attending! I really enjoy getting the yr 4’s into the middle schools as they all look excited and nervous as soon as they get there.

Using sports such as orienteering as a tool helps pupils education between schools and also gets them competing in a new environment that will be there environment in September. Description: \\dms-fss-001\LDailey01$\DASP SSCo\DASP 2012 - 13\St Osmunds\Manor park up at ossies\2nd Group\IMG_1892.JPG Description: \\dms-fss-001\LDailey01$\DASP SSCo\DASP 2012 - 13\DMS\Pics\Sports Leaders\in lessons\Matts CD\IMG_1961.JPG In two of the middle schools this term (St Osmunds and DMS) they have been running sports leadership in their curriculum. Every pupil in yr 8 at both middle schools took part in learning how to sports lead and saw how a role model should act. Now it is always good to plan and organise in sports leading, but it’s not the same as actually sports leading to younger pupils. So that’s what we did!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Every class in yr 8 at St Osmunds either visited or had visits from Manor Park or St Mary’s pupils in most age groups. At Dorchester Middle all the yr 8 sports leaders either visited Prince of Wales or Damers first schools to lead simple based fun activities.
Every pupil in yr 8 always wishes to go back to their first school or just to a first school and they all get their wish. The first schools enjoy having the yr 8’s in, and for some first school teachers they enjoy seeing past pupils in a leaders role, leading a fun activity for the younger pupils. Thomas Hardye pupils have also been planning and organising this term. They have been planning to run a seated indoor volleyball tournament at Thomas Hardye with their yr 10’s running the tournament. It was good to witness all 3 middle schools attend with 16 pupils each at THS. The morning started out with skill stations lead by the yr 10’s then in the afternoon the tournament began. It was not a middle school vs another middle school. The yr 10’s split the pupils up and collaborated 6 teams consisting on each middle school being in each team. Then the tournament began! Some impressive intelligent play was observed and more importantly some highly impressive team play between middle schools to achieve a point. A great morning and afternoon for the middle schools and a very bid thank you to the yr 10 BTEC pupils at THS as well as Ed Long and Chris Goulding for organising this treat for the middle schools.
Description: \\dms-fss-001\LDailey01$\DASP SSCo\DASP 2012 - 13\St Marys Puddletown\Seated Volleyball photos\IMG_2090.JPG Description: \\dms-fss-001\LDailey01$\DASP SSCo\DASP 2012 - 13\St Marys Puddletown\Seated Volleyball photos\IMG_2103.JPG

Thomas Hardyes pupils didn’t stop just at the seated volleyball tournament, they wanted a new challenge. They wanted to get into Dorchester Middle School and teach the yr 8 some PE theory work. Now as a Sports leader it is quite easy to keep pupils attention if you are running something practically based but with PE Theory this made to task harder to do. THS pupils in yr 11 came to DMS and delivered a highly educational visit to 2 PE yr 8 groups that listened intently and enjoyed what was being delivered. In fact the pupils enjoyed it so much we wanted THS back down to DMS ASAP. So THS yr 11’s did just that. Only this time they brought an external moderator down with them. The DMS and THS PE staff discussed this and thought that instead of a moderator just reading through assignments the moderator can observe the yr 11’s teaching the PE theory to the yr 8’s. To say the moderator was impressed would be an understatement. A great feat of schools in Dorchester working together!
Description: \\dms-fss-001\LDailey01$\DASP SSCo\DASP 2012 - 13\DMS\Pics\THS down for theory\R0011369.JPG Description: \\dms-fss-001\LDailey01$\DASP SSCo\DASP 2012 - 13\DMS\Pics\THS down for theory\R0011374.JPG

St Osmunds had a little treat this term already by being offered to take a tour of THS new leisure centre and be inducted into all the top of the range weight machines! Now this was a joy to be a part of and the news that this had happed spread through Dorchester boosting the community with the leisure centre in fact DMS grabbed the chance and went up next to take the tour!           

Description: \\dms-fss-001\LDailey01$\DASP SSCo\DASP 2012 - 13\DMS\Pics\up to THS gym\good.JPG  


It was very kind of THS leisure centre to allow a few of the middle schools to take a look at the brand new centre.

St Mary’s Middle school has had a packed spring term with yr 5 and 6 multi skills, intra house competitions and the ever great Pencelli outdoor yr 7 trip. Not to mention the usual rugby/football/netball match that was ran every week.
Now every term the middle schools host a DASP Pyramid festival where one middle school will host while the other two attend and compete in an array of sports. This term we saw DMS and Ossies host them successfully in the first half term. However it was Puddletown that really pushed the boat out for the fixture. We had the pyramid competitions in; Archery, Handball, Netball, Football and Orienteering! For an afterschool fixture the middle schools were spoilt for choice and brought 40 pupils from each middle school each to compete! It was a glorious afterschool spectacle of sport that I hope is replicated again and again.

This spring term has had the worst weather I’ve seen for many years but it’s always good to know that no matter how cold of what the weather is doing ..... sport continues strongly!   

Mr L Dailey
DASP Sports Co-ordinator

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